Gold Key Spotlight #9

Gold Key Spotlight #9

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Title: “Where Prowls the Devil Shark”
Synopsis: Tragg has to save a Sky God defector from her own people — and from a monstrous “devil shark.”

Writer: Don Glut
Penciler: Dan Spiegle
Inker: Spiegle

If Gold Key Spotlight is meant to offer an entryway into the Gold Key line, this issue fails miserably. The story seems to pick up where some previous issue left off – but it wasn’t an earlier issue of this series. Little effort is made to bring the new reader up to speed. Tragg seems to be a fairly typical cave-man type, but who exactly are the Sky Gods? Instead of spending twenty panels telling us sharks get hungry, perhaps writer Don Glut should have provided a brief series recap. Dan Spiegle’s storytelling shows promise, but his rendering lacks polish.

Grade: C

Cool factor: There’s a hint of some potential here, but the lack of back story makes this comic a tough nut to crack.

Notable: Also includes an uncredited, one-page text story titled “Valley of the Shadow.”

Character Quotable
“Once again I’ve let my emotions rule my actions!”Tragg, cave man with control issues (shocker!)
Gold Key Spotlight #9

Published and © by Gold Key, September 1977
Cover by Jesse Santos

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Editor’s note: This review first appeared on Comics Bronze Age, Nov. 4, 2010.

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