JLA Classified: "New Maps of Hell"

JLA Classified: “New Maps of Hell”

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Series and volume: JLA Classified
Title: “New Maps of Hell”
Edition reviewed: DC trade paperback, 2006
Collects: JLA Classified #10-15 (single issues published by DC, September 2005 to February 2006)

Synopsis: An ancient code is cracked, unleashing an terrible weapon on Earth – but the Justice League stands ready!

Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Jackson Guice

There have been many Justice League stories over the years, but good ones have been in short supply and great ones down right scarce. JLA Classified: “New Maps of Hell” – penned by the sometimes-brilliant, always-interesting Warren Ellis – is one of the better ones.

This is actually a fairly typical Ellis outing: bleeding-edge science concepts meet superhero tropes delivered with a widescreen style. Think The Authority, but with the actual Justice League. But don’t underestimate the power of that difference: Ellis taps into these iconic nature of the JLA characters to pack a lot of story into this thin volume. He clearly “gets” these characters. (His handling of the Clark-and-Lois relationship is particularly fun.)

Ellis’ story gets solid art support from Jackson Guice, whose style has aged nicely since his Bronze Age debut. The collective result is a JLA story that is appropriately epic – and certainly a keeper.

Status: Permanent Collection

File under: Sci-fi superheroics à la Ellis

JLA Classified: New Maps of Hell

JLA CLASSIFIED: “New Maps of Hell”
Published and © by DC, 2006
Cover by Michael Stribling

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  1. Literary precedent: “New Maps Of Hell” was the title of a book by English novelist Kingsley Amis published in 1960; a review and analysis of modern science fiction.

    1. Author

      I was not aware of that; thanks for sharing. I took a quick peek at the Amazon listing for that book (I’m also a big sci-fi fan) and was amused that one of his predictions was that sci-fi would never make it in film or television. He was a bit off with that one! – TAW

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