Micronauts #12

Micronauts #12

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Title: “To the Victors Belongs a World!”
Synopsis: As the Micronauts move on from war, Acroyear finds himself in a blood feud with traitorous brother Shaitan.

Writer: Bill Mantlo
Penciler: Michael Golden
Inker: Al Milgrom

Just like that, it’s the end of an era. A short era, mind you, but exceptional for its time. One of the premiere cover artists of the Bronze Age, Michael Golden did far too few interior jobs. Micronauts #1-12 stand as an excellent example of what a complete artist he could be. Exceptional design work, strong storytelling, distinct style: Golden had it all. And with the Micronauts he found a willing partner in Bill Mantlo, who upped his game to produce a solid sci-fi saga. With this strong denouement issue, the duo wraps things up and leaves readers wanting more.

Grade: A

Cool factor: Michael Golden …
Not-so-cool factor: … you shall be missed.

Second opinion: Recommended by The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide (second edition).

Character Quotable
“I must clear my mind, gird my loins for the coming – BATTLE!Acroyear, internal monologue of a warrior king
Micronauts #12

Published and © by Marvel and © Mego, December 1979
Cover by Michael Golden

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