Rom #7

Rom #7

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Title: “As I Lay Dying!”
Synopsis: As Rom lies comatose in a laboratory, the Dire Wraith decide to attack – with semi-sentient, thorny plants!

Writer: Bill Mantlo
Penciler: Sal Buscema
Inker: Buscema

Much like Rom #5 (see review), this issue suffers from inane plot contrivances that make suspension of disbelief almost impossible. Damaged in battle, Rom is rushed to a pharmaceutical lab by his human allies so a small-town auto mechanic can make necessary repairs. Say what? To his credit, writer Bill Mantlo at least nods to this (“I fix cars, not aliens!” declares the mechanic). But why, with their greatest foe lying helpless, do the Dire Wraiths send in thornoids (think rejects from The Little Shop of Horrors) to do their dirty work? It’s silly. And not good silly.

Grade: C

Cool factor: Well, hello Michael Golden. Your covers are much appreciated.
Not-so-cool factor: Summon the thornoids? No wonder the Dire Wraiths lost their war with the spaceknights!

Character Quotable
“Y-you can’t stand the thought of me feeling something for the man trapped within that armor!”Brandy Clark, cranking the love triangle up to 11
Rom #7

ROM #7
Published and © by Marvel, June 1980
Cover by Michael Golden

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