Sequential Reaction Launches Jan. 1

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Welcome, fellow comic-book fans, to a preview of Sequential Reaction. I’m T. Andrew Wahl, editor and publisher of this new site. Many of you might know me from my previous labor of love, Comics Bronze Age. For fans of that site, thank you for coming back for more. And, welcome to everyone who’s checking out SR for the first time!

As with CBA before it, SR is an online publication celebrating the history of the American comic book, with an emphasis on the medium’s Bronze Age (1970 to 1985). While SR’s scope will be a bit broader, the core mission remains the same: My effort to revisit and review every superhero and related-genre comic published during my formative years.

In addition to reviews, the plan is for the site to feature interviews, essays and multimedia elements. When it launches in full on Jan. 1, 2016, SR will feature new content about old comic books every weekday. Until then, I’ll be developing content prototypes and tinkering with the site’s infrastructure. Please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think via comments, email or Twitter.

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Comics Bronze Age and Sequential Reaction

Like a Phoenix
Comics Bronze Age, top, gets new life and evolves into something similar but, hopefully, even cooler: Sequential Reaction.

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