Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #112

Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #112

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Title: “A Tree Grows in Metropolis!”
Synopsis: Lois Lane finds herself with a rival for Superman’s affection: a sentient, alien tree with erotic dreams of world domination.

Writer: Cary Bates
Penciler: Werner Roth
Inker: Vince Colletta

Oh, Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane, you’ve never been a good series, but your kitschy coolness keeps getting kitschy cooler. It’s hard to beat that groovy Dick Giordano cover, but the main story tries. One part weird romance, one part sci-fi, this Silver-Age-influenced throwback isn’t good, but it is good fun.


Title: “Superman’s Secret Family!”
Synopsis: A new radio-telescope reveals Superman’s secret life on another world – a life that includes a mermaid wife and superkid!

Writer: Uncredited
Penciler: Kurt Schaffenberger
Inker: Schaffenberger

This reprint from Lois Lane #30 is a nice reminder of just how silly Silver Age sci-fi can be.


Title: “Rock and Rose”
Synopsis: Thorn continues her battle with The 100 at a hippie rock concert in Metropolis Park.

Writer: Robert Kanigher
Penciler: Dick Giordano
Inker: Giordano

With its overwritten narrative and hippie references, this Thorn story is kitschy cool, too. Added bonus: nice Dick Giordano art.

Grade (for the entire issue): B

Cool factor: Seriously? Look at that cover. And read the synopsis for the lead story again. How can this issue not be cool?

Character Quotable
Drink, my love, so our vines may be entangled forever!”Rzalin, a sentient, alien tree hellbent on hooking up with Superman
Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #112

Published and © by DC, August 1971
Cover by Dick Giordano

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Editor’s note: This review first appeared on Comics Bronze Age, Feb. 1, 2013.

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