The Legion of Super-Heroes #284

The Legion of Super-Heroes #284

In DC, Reviews by T. Andrew Wahl


Title: “The Soul-Theif From the Stars”
Synopsis: The Legion races to stop an organ-bootlegger gang’s raid on Medicus One – only to encounter a more powerful foe!)

Writer: Paul Levitz
Penciler: Pat Broderick
Inker: Bruce Patterson

Previous Legion writer Paul Levitz returned to the 30th century an issue before collaborator Keith Giffen joined up, and the scribe wasted no time establishing his classic formula: sexy soap-opera characterization, plenty of super-hero action and cool sci-fi details like the the Encyclopedia Galactica. It’s a fun brew that serves the series’ large cast and expansive worldbuilding well. Artist Pat Broderick does nice work on Legion characters, but his design aesthetic doesn’t really fit the sci-fi flavor of the book (this issue’s new villain, Organus, is particularly atrocious). With better days looming, LoSH was already in solid shape.

Grade: B+

Cool factor: Gotta go with Bouncing Boy. Sure, his “power” might be ridiculous, but, dang, the guy married well!
Not-so-cool factor: Organus: silly name, sillier character design.

Character Quotable
“Joys of marriage to be tasted and all, y’know … .”Bouncing Boy, always hungry (in more ways than one)
The Legion of Super-Heroes #284

Published and © by DC, February 1982
Cover by Pat Broderick and Romeo Tanghal

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