The Legion of Super-Heroes #286

The Legion of Super-Heroes #286

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Title: “Old Friends, New Relatives and Other Corpses!”
Synopsis: Legionnaires vacationing on Brande’s World come under attack from Dr. Regulus, who seeks his revenge on Sun Boy!

Writer: Paul Levitz
Penciler: Pat Broderick
Inker: Bruce Patterson

As with the X-Men of this time period, Paul Levitz’s super-teens play pick-up sports, bicker and engage in soap-opera-inspired melodrama. And, as with the X-Men, it works here, too. Toss in decent Pat Broderick art and this is another solid outing for The Legion.


Title: “A Crown for the Princess”
Synopsis: Princess Projectra elevation to the throne of Orando is challenge by her wicked cousin Pharoxx!

Writer: Paul Levitz
Penciler: Keith Giffen
Inker: Bruce Patterson

This solid backup brings Legion-legend Keith Giffen further into the fold, but inker Bruce Patterson isn’t a good pairing.

Grade (for the entire issue): B+

Cool factor: Giffen’s knack for world-building design is already on display.
Not-so-cool factor: Dr. Regulus: A receding hairline and a penchant for ridiculously long monologues.

Character Quotable
“If that autopilot would be quiet for a minute, I might be able to concentrate and savor how close I am to achieving my final triumph as my golden galaxacruiser glides down towards Brande’s hideaway and to Dirk Morgana’s death at the hands of Doctor Zaxton Regulus!Dr. Regulus,, solar-powered blowhard
The Legion of Super-Heroes #286

Published and © by DC, April 1982
Cover by Pat Broderick and Romeo Tanghal

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