The Scorpion #2

Scorpion #2

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Title: “The Devil Doll Commission”
Synopsis: When an eccentric financier goes missing, the Scorpion gets pulled into a case plagued by voodoo and zombies.

Writer: Howard Chaykin
Penciler: Chaykin
Inker: Chaykin, Bernie Wrightson, Michael W. Kaluta, Walter Simonson and Ed Davis

While not as well crafted as Scorpion #1 (see review), this second issue by future comics-master Howard Chaykin is another winner. The writer/artist mixes a little horror into the adventure stew this time out, and the results are good, pulpy fun. Visually, Chaykin is already a top-notch storyteller, and the extended cast of inkers – including other Bronze Age up-and-comers like Michael W. Kaluta, Bernie Wrightson and Walter Simonson – is just a bit inconsistent. With the exception of over-the-top sexuality – missing from this Code-approved comic – Scorpion #2 includes everything readers would come to expect from a Chaykin comic.

Grade: A-

Cool factor: Chaykin. Doing a pulp period piece. With the help of friends.
Not-so-cool factor: The Ernie Colón cover continues the Atlas (Seaboard) tradition of covers that have little to do with the story inside. (You can check out the original Howard Chaykin cover for this issue over at TwoMorrows Publishing’s website. It’s one of the illustrations included with an interview with Atlas (Seaboard) editor Jeff Rovin, from Comic Book Artist #16, December 2001.)

Character Quotable
“The Scorpion is not a charitable institution.”Moro Frost, businessman/adventurer
The Scorpion #2

Published and © by Atlas (Seaboard), May 1975
Cover by Ernie Colón

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Scorpion #2 remains uncollected at the time of this review’s publication.

Editor’s note: This review first appeared on Comics Bronze Age, May 6, 2010.

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