The Super Cops #1

The Super Cops #1

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Title: “Crime Is Out of Fashion!”
Synopsis: Officers Dave Greenberg and Bob Hantz bust petty crooks by hiding in coat racks and packing cartons.

Writer: Marv Channing
Penciler: Gray Morrow
Inker: Morrow

Apparently, this comic is based on a 1974 film of the same name, which in turn was based on the real-life adventures of two New York cops. None of that makes this comic interesting. Despite solid art from Gray Morrow, this lead feature about small-time street busts is a snoozer.


Title: “Bedlam Beat”
Synopsis: Officers Greenberg and Hantz are at it again – manning phones, typing reports and busting red-light runners.

Writer: Marv Channing
Penciler: Carlos Pino
Inker: Pino

Another scintillating “true” tale from the mean streets of New York. Traffic violators, beware! Comic-book readers, too.


Title: “The Next Stop … the Cemetery”
Synopsis: Greenberg and Hantz bust a small time druggie, who then leads the officers to her dealer.

Writer: Marv Channing
Penciler: V. Hack
Inker: Hack

Not sure who “V. Hack” is, but his art isn’t bad. The story is still pretty weak, though.


Title: “2 to Get Ready and 4 to Go!”
Synopsis: This time out, the “Super Cops” crack down on car thieves and drug dealers during the same night.

Writer: Marv Channing
Penciler: Frank Thorne
Inker: Thorne

The crimes may escalate but the stories stay weak. Frank Thorne delivers nice art, despite some odd panel-design choices.

Grade (for the entire issue): C-

Cool factor: That’s a good-looking cover.
Not-so-cool factor: A good-looking cover can only take you so far.

Notable: This issues also includes a one-page biographical essay about Officers Dave Greenberg and Bob Hantz, written by Marvin Channing, titled “Men Behind the Shield.” … According to the The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide (second edition), “V. Hack” is actually Vicente Alcazar.

Character Quotable
“You ought to thank us for being such nice guys and giving you a chance.”One of the “Super Cops” (do you think the female perp, alone in her apartment with the roguish officers, took comfort in that suggestion?)
The Super Cops #1

Published and © by Red Circle, July 1974
Cover by Gray Morrow

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Editor’s note: This review first appeared on Comics Bronze Age, Aug. 25, 2010.

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